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Need some help? I love organizing, de-cluttering, cleaning, refreshing and revitalizing. When your home or office outpictures your vision, your creativity and success will soar. Call me today and let's get your project underway.

"I have a habit of pitching in wherever there is a need, so my experience is wide and varied. I've created a daycare for the children of friends, been hired to archive years of treasured photographs, and helped build businesses from the ground up. I love working with others to help them make their dreams come true. Let's connect and see what we can do together!"
Here are a few ideas of what we could do together:
  • Home or office organization, re-organization and re-freshment

  • De-cluttering and investigating simple feng shui remedies

  • Creating a closet that says the brightest version of you

  • Cleaning out that basement, garage or storage room

  • Get your kitchen up to date for you and your family

  • Archiving your family photos: scrapbooking, heirloom writing, collages

  • Setting up new systems for your office or home office

  • Vision mapping and creating the life you want to live

"What a delight working with you! Your creative solutions and organization knowledge was such a fantastic help to me. Now, I have my projects under control. Thank you!"
–Teri, Montana      

Call 406-581-5858 or Email Susan Today!


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